Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mia Nipote...

This is the face that I stare at every single day. :3 Isn't she a cutie? 
(She's crying right now, cam taw2 jak kita tgh post pasal dia. xD) 


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

If by Nishino Kana...

Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower

Juuuust finished watching this movie on youtube and the only thing worth mentioning is Namikaze Minato cause he is always awesome and the ending song titled IF sung by Nishino Kana. I present you the lyrics! (But really, I'm doing this so I can sing along with more feeling if I put the translation directly underneath romaji. I still sound like a strangled toad, but meh. =__=) 

IF by Nishino Kana

moshi ano hi no ame ga
yande ita nara
kitto surechigatte ita dake kamo
itsumo toori no jikan ni
BASU ga kiteta nara
kimi to wa deau koto ga nakattanda ne
If the rain had stopped  
That day
I might surely have just walked past you
If the bus had arrived
At its usual time
I wouldn't have met you

moshimo sukoshi demo
ano shunkan ga zurete tara
futari ga chigatta unmei wo tadotte shimatteta
If that instant
Had been slightly different
We would've walked on separate paths of fate

*kimi to onaji mirai wo
zutto issho ni mite itai
onaji hoshi wo onaji basho de
mitsumete iyou yo
kimi no egaku mirai ni
watashi wa iru no kana
onaji sora wo onaji omoi de
miagete itai yo
I always want to watch
The same future together with you
Lets look at the same stars
At the same spot
I wonder if I am present
In the future you imagine for yourself
I want to look up to
The same sky with the same feelings

kuchiguse ya shigusa mo
yoku nite kita futari
marude zutto mukashi kara shitteru mitai da ne
douji ni ME-RU shitari
onaji koto omottari
akai ito de hikiyoserareteru no kamo
Our ways of talking and acting
Are really similar
It's like we have always known each other
Mailing each other at the same time
Thinking about the same things
We might have been bound together by a red thread

guuzen wa saisho kara
mou kimatteta mitai ni
kasanatta futari wa unmei tte shinjite iru yo
We fit so well together, like if
It was decided by chance right from the start
I believe we are fated to be together

kimi no egaku mirai ni
watashi wa iru no kana
onaji sora wo onaji omoi de
miagete itai yo
I wonder if I am present 
In the future you imagine for yourself
I want to look up to
The same sky with the same feelings


tatoeba namida no hi mo
hare no hi mo futari de
onaji michi wo itsumademo
te wo tsunaide arukemasu you ni
So we may always walk
On the same path, hand in hand
Even on days filled with tears
And on sunny days


This song was sung by this lovely lady. :)

There you go. Lagu cinta Naruto dengan bapak dia. :D

Malayan Leggenda...


Looks like a fine collaboration between Malaysia (Finas) and Japan (Gonzo) no?

'Satria - The Warriors of the Seven Elements' or something like that will be the title of a new incoming anime for scheduled for Fall 2012. Not sure what to make of this.

Baju pakai kat rumah 

Henshin time nak lawan2

Siluman x yah tukar2 baju

The sketches actually reminds me of shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender or maybe a little bit of Ben 10. I actually like those two animations, but it seemed like this anime is targeted for kids no? D: 
Wha-you don't believe meh? PROVE!

Ne~ aku ada bukti!

Tanak cita panjang. Nak taw baca jer kat sini kay? 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Luce de lettura...

Right. So lately I've been busy with fixing up my Level 2 portfolios (both of them) and almost immediately gets thrown to start with Pre and Post Tests for Level 3 (which is a whole different level from before....No duh.) and by now I am ready to throw myself out the window and into the antiseptic pools behind the house to drown in poop...

Okay, maybe I'm not that desperate as of yet. Getting off track here.

In the middle of it all, I managed to insert a little bit of light reading (which I recommend for you all to join me in reading) in the form of~ *drumrolls* 
TADAH! >> Next Generation Travels Back In Time by chasing a fairytale

It's one of those next-generation-travel-back-in-time-to-Book-5 Harry Potter fanfiction, but this one actually develops a PLOT! It even starts with a CRASH! xD Serves as quite some happy reading too, I'm glad to mention. If I have a account, I would've suffocate the author with my praises. :) It promises an actual ending and the story is not half bad (okay it's actually really good xD) so, I'm actually willing to wait for next chapters. I never do that in ~___~

Owh, and what do you think of a Harry Potter anime? :D I watched the last movie. Molto deludente. :(

The awesome title with the awesome character. (That's James bdw)

All these character designs are done by Nakagawa Besu. See if you can recognize which is who!

Right. Rant is over. Happy reading, people. Ciao!

Per Iniziare...

To start with!

Heyya people.
Looks like I'll be having another try at blogging. Let's see how often I post in this one shall we? Probably lots of emo stuff but hey, I gotta let out all these pent out frustration somewhere right? Nak kata sikit, just in case you're reading this. Hai Koro~ xD

"Why Italian?" you may or may not ask? Cuz I'm currently crazy about Katekyo Hitman Reborn and these two awesome dude.

I wish I had Takeshi's cheerfulness and Hibari's strength. Dunno where they get em. Bdw, I am not into yaoi or shonen-ai. I just thought this pict is cute. Really! I'm NOT! >____<